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    Boating on the Hozu River (保津川) in Arashiyama during the 2014 sakura season.

    This set of pictures is from my trip to Arashiyama during the 2014 cherry blossom season. Arashiyama is a favorite place of many people and used to be the play ground of Kyoto’s aristocracy. There are many temples and shrines, the famous bamboo groove and the “Moon Crossing Bridge”. The Hozu River (保津川) with its origin in the mountains near Kameoka. Spring is especially attractive because of the many cherry trees dotting the Hozu and Katsura River. Not to mention the famous Sōgenchi Garden of Tenryū-ji Temple (天龍寺). It seems there is always something happening in Arashiyama and if you haven’t been here, I can highly recommend to spend a day here.

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      Love traveling by boat? Head to the Hozu River in Arashiyama in the west of Kyoto City. The scenery is delightful in...
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